No snippet this week, I’m afraid but…

With the help of a generous friend, I’ve spent hours on InDesign creating a professional quality pdf for the paperback version of Dominus. It looks gorgeous and should be available from Createspace and Amazon very soon.

And, given that Nov. 15 is right around the corner, I’m working hard and fast on Book 2.

AND, I’m penning another free short story in the Dominus Fragmentum series based on a wee thing I posted to my tumblr blog last Halloween. So apologies for no snippet, but meatier things are in the pipeline for you all!

Happy Sunday!


Going home

Social media is a time-consuming, life-sucking vortex of blah. From my limited and bent perspective, Facebook is used by authors primarily for promotion. Buy my book! Vote for me in this next contest! I’ve written the best thing since Homer! Yeah. Pretty much.

I’ll use FB for promotional purposes when I have something new to promote, but other than that… well, it’s a not all the helpful for getting shit done. And, truth be told, as a self-pubbing new indie author, I often feel like that weird awkward kid hiding in the corner of the cafeteria watching everyone else sitting at the crowded, cool kids’ lunch tables laugh and pat each other in the back. Entertaining to a degree, but definitely not good for my productivity.

This new Ello thing just doesn’t excite me. While it is in beta form, it’s not user-friendly and it’s poorly designed. Twitter? I’m there, but how it should be properly used evades me. I can barely find my own tweets. I love Tumblr – random pictures of pretty boys, gorgeous scenery, archaeology crap, relevant quotes and other such silliness. I enjoy Tumblr. It’s effortless and visual, but a shitty way to actually communicate with words. I like words as much as I like penises. Maybe not as much, but a lot.

Goodreads? It gives me the spooky willies so I rarely go there. Seriously, it’s a strange place. Me no likey.

So what to do?  It’s obvious, at least for me. Back to my old haunting ground, LiveJournal. I know how it works and its limitations. I can post pictures and gifs and videos. I can post porn. Yes, it’s rather quiet these days, but I like quiet. It helps me to get shit done. And LJ doesn’t seem to crash as often as it used to crash. I’ve never been censored there nor felt my identities and opinions threatened by the LJ czars. I love LiveJournal, when I don’t hate it. 😉

Because I’m extra schizophrenic, I have several accounts on LiveJournal. My author journal is here: http://jpkenwood.livejournal.com  Yes, I’ve ignored it for too long and it looks rather sad. But that will change. It’s a public journal so the posts anyone can see will be related to my fiction writing. I will post random thoughts, jokes, rants and other such nonsense for “Friends Only,” so please feel free to add me as a friend if you want to read my rambling nonsense and comment on said nonsense. I also have a “book” account at http://dominusfiction.livejournal.com. Shit, that’s confusing. I’m going to (gradually) move the posts from there to my author journal and close the “dominusfiction” account. Keep it simple, stupid.

I also LOVE Archive of Our Own for posting stories and the downloading options. I joined AO3 when it was in early beta stage and it has been a valuable, user-friendly platform from day one: archiveofourown.org/users/JPKenwood. And, so far, I adore this WordPress blog, so I’ll be here as well.

Time to cut the fat (and by fat, I pretty much mean Facebook) and get back to work. This weird, awkward kid needs to leave the school cafeteria and get back to the library and write.

Happy Saturday to all.