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An interesting post from author Hans Hirshi: http://blog.hirschi.se/2014/09/the-never-ending-mm-vs-literature-debate.html I have thoughts on this topic. But for now, I think that I’ll just write whatever the hell it is that I write. 🙂

The Home Office

Yes, I finally have one of my own. The walls of the tiny bedroom that once belonged to my sprouts is now mine; the walls are painted, the floors cleaned, the new light fixture hung. The gorgeous posh rug I bought doesn’t fit (too big) and the furniture hasn’t arrived yet, but I have one.…

Fictional vs. real life archaeological discoveries

Charlie Hughes from Dominus back when you was a young grad student (sketch by Fiona Fu) So, the archaeological mystery in Dominus begins with a medieval well, a collapsed wall, and unburied skeletons discovered at an ancient Roman villa site located just outside of Rome. But damn, real life is stranger (and better) than fiction. The…

My guest blog post

Another blog post by little ol’ me about writing history and Romans in gay and m/m romance fiction. Read it HERE: http://www.guyslikeromancetoo.blogspot.com

The Trophy of Marius… or rather, Domitian.

“This panoply of war trophies was misidentified during the Renaissance as “Trophei di Mario” (Trophies of Marius), referring to Gaius Marius (157-86 BC). The Roman General and Consul (elected Consul an unprecedented 7 times) was considered the third founder of Rome due to his defeat of the invading Germanic Cimbri and Teutonic tribes. He was popular for hundreds of…


Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be posting teasers, links to draft chapters, information about my stories and books, and random tidbits of information related to ancient Rome. For photos of m/m loving and other assorted eye candy, please visit my Tumblr page.